Dana Mengel

Dana Mengel has composed many pieces which are inspired by a place, a time or an event. Some pieces are inspired by a great love of nature, American history and a deep passion for composing.

This page includes many of Mengel’s unperformed compositions as .mp3 files which you can listen and download.

If you are interested in fuller orchestrations or performing any of these compositions please contact the composer.



Symphony 1

Symphony 1 is inspired by nature, particularly birds - a migration south and all manner of avions. This easily could be called “the Bird Symphony.”

Bird SymphonY



Symphony 2

The music reflects the power of the universe from the intelligence of the dolphin to the majesty of an aurora borealis and solar eclipse. This symphony could be called “The Larger Universe.”

Larger Universe


Symphony 3

The consists of five different movements - several of them involving trees (oaks, aspens, pines). This is the “Tree Symphony.” 

Tree Symphony


Symphony 4

Symphony 4 



These selections were inspired by the painting of American folk artist Grama Moses. The image is her painting July Fourth.

Symphony 5 


Teller County Suite

These pieces are musical responses to Teller County Colorado.

Teller County SuitE



All these movement are inspired by the development of airplanes. It starts this the Wright brothers flight at Kitty Hawk, aviator Emilia Earhart and ends with space travel. The collection is called “Take Flight.”

Take Flight




Sonatina 1


Sonatina 2


Sonatina 3