Oregon Trail Suite Project

Mengel has composed a 21-movement Oregon Trail Suite.

The musical selections follow pioneers westward from Independence, across the plans to Oregon. The pieces musically share the arduous experience of traveling 2,000 miles over the great expanse of the continent — an extraordinary overland migration that began in 1843.

Mengel is currently looking for orchestras which might be interested in performing the symphony or selected movements.

Seven selections were performed in May 2018 but Mengel and musicians friends at a public performance at the National Frontier Trails Museum.

The pieces were selected to demonstrate the musical variety and richness of the full composition which is written for a full orchestra of 28 string players (16 violins, 8 violas and four basses) plus percussionists.

This video is the first public performance.

Here are the seven pieces which were recorded during a dress rehearsal