The only thing missing ....

This is a recent letter from Jody Miller who lives in Heber Springs, AR.


Dear Dana.

Listening to your Oregon Trail Suite fills my heart with happiness and pure joy!

You have, with your music, captured feelings of the land, as well as spirits and trials of the emigrants on this long and arduous journey. What a beautiful living tribute to their strength and courage. I hear it everywhere in this (your) music.

The only thing missing are the other 14 movements which I sincerely hope will be forthcoming in the near future.

I am proud and humbled to know you and am grateful you share your musical talents with others.

Looking forward to our next KC visit.

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Brent Schondelmeyer
Sounds from the Oregon Trail: A Benefit for the Independence Pioneer Spring Cabin

This is a benefit concert to start community fundraising efforts to preserve the Independence Pioneer Spring Cabin located at Truman and Noland Road.

Composer and musician Dana Mengel will share selections from The Oregon Trail Suites for Strings and Percussion performed by a five-piece ensemble of talented local musicians.

Guests will hear Mengel's original compositions as he follows the early pioneers from Wayne City Landing across the vast prairie to Oregon City.

Mengel also has composed a special musical selection inspired by the log cabin which will be performed that evening.

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Oregon Trail Suite Played on Hawaii Public Radio

Selections from Dana Mengel's Oregon Trail Suite - which Jackson County Historical Society premiered in May - were aired on Hawaii Public Radio in a show featuring music by American composers and places.

The pieces were highlighted by Julie Anderson on her show Evening Concert. Anderson was in the audience at the National Frontier Trails Museum when seven selections for Mengel's original composition were performed.

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Brent Schondelmeyer